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How to Deal With Fleas on Cats Naturally Fleas are small insects with flat bodies, and they enjoy blood from animals. They can mostly be found on dogs, cats, and sometimes rodents. This creature can cause a lot of harm to your pets. You should try to resolve the flea problem as fast as you can. Otherwise, you might just find the fleas jumping all over the house. Fleas are deadly because other than sucking blood, they transmit sicknesses. Below are some tips you can try out if you have a cat with a flea problem. Try out Salt When it comes to destroying flea larvae and eggs, salt can be quite handy. Salt’s drying property helps it do away with fleas from your cats furniture and beddings. All you need to do is sprinkle a little salt on the beddings and furniture. Alternatively, you could add salt to hot water and soak your pet inside it. However, you should make sure the water is lukewarm to avoid burning your cat’s skin. Use Dish washing Liquid Another flea repellent is dish washing liquid. All you need to do is add a few drops of the dish washing liquid into the cat’s regular bathing water. This destroys fleas instantly. However, you should make sure that the liquid is completely rinsed off from the cat.
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Use Rosemary Rosemary leaves are an excellent anti-inflammatory. This allows your cat to grow back hair in places it lost it from itches. Rosemary can be used in two ways. You could grind it into a powder and sprinkle it in necessary areas. Alternatively, you could put the rosemary into some water and use it for washing your cat. You should note that rosemary leaves are one of the best flea treatments for cats.
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Use Aloe Juice This is another useful natural method of getting rid of fleas. You can mix the aloe Vera juice with cayenne pepper and add it to a spray bottle, which you can use as anti-flea spray. Alternatively you can use an essential oil mixed with the aloe juice and spray it on your cat. Use Hot Soapy Water Trap Light attracts fleas. At night fleas will move in the direction of a light they see. You can use this knowledge to set a trap using hot soapy water. This can be achieved by setting up some hot water just under a nightlight. This then becomes a flea trap because when the fleas see the light, they will hop from the towards the light. The light assists in blinding the fleas, after which they will fall and drown in the hot soapy water.