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Ways of Handling Soft-Shell Crabs before Cooking Them One is required to understand that the soft-shell crabs do not have the hard shell following shedding. It is necessary to know that the crabs can be used to make sumptuous meals and for that reason many people like them. It is important to have in mind that these animals can be prepared in many ways. Depending on what you like, one can manipulate the ingredients to have the best out of the crabs. You will find out that some of the crabs can be purchased when already prepared and there is an option of getting the fresh ones. It is important to now that the crab can be prepared and eaten the way it is because the shell is not there. You are supposed to know that there are some areas of the animal that must be removed before cooking is done. It is important to have in mind that the crab should not be kept for more than 24 hours as they will start decomposing. The outlined procedure will help now how to prepare fresh crab. It is important to note that cutting off the eyes and the mouth-parts should be the first thing to do. The idea is to have the crab ready for the next step so that it can be cooked. One is supposed to have the cutting done at least a quarter inch wide strip. You are supposed to have a sharp kitchen shear for this job although others prefer to use a knife. It is necessary to go through the cutting fast, and you are expected to do it accurately as well.
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There are people who would consider this unethical, and therefore they will not want to do this alone. One is advised to have someone who is an expert here to deal with the work. Suppose you want to have it when it is still fresh then doing it alone prior the cooking is the best option.
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One is required to deal with the gills once you have defaced the crab. It is necessary to lift the corners to reach them. You are supposed to know that the gills are not tasty at all and that is why they are peeled off. One is expected to remove them because of this reason. One is encouraged to have the tow gills removed before the next thing is done. It is require that you get rid of them from the base so that everything is removed. The other thing that you are meant to deal with is the apron. To reach this part, it is required that you turn the crab upside down. The flap is usually long and wide in female crabs and wider in male ones. It is required that you have it removed completely.