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Important Features to Consider When Buying Gun Safes People that owns a gun or firearm should be aware on the importance of a responsible and safe gun safe or storage. However, with so many choices that are available for gun safes in the market, it can be difficult to know which model is the one that’s right for your certain needs. The article below will supply you with the features that must be considered when it comes to making a purchase for gun safes for the first time. Locks: Electronic or Dial The dial locking mechanism are operated easily by entering the appropriate numbers and will only need less maintenance and stands up over time. However, the time to open the dial locks are longer compared to the electronic models. Most of these locks also don’t automatically lock in closing the safe door. The electronic locks comes with fingerprint or keypad locks, which makes it fast to open and comes with automatic locks. Mechanisms like this however have higher risks of failures and will need regular replacements of its batteries. Steel Strength Even with the fact that the safe is heavy and big, there’s still no guarantee that it will protect the contents inside from break-ins. The gun safe needs to posses a 10-gauge steel in order for it to provide the right level of protection and will be able to resist most attempts of drills and cuts. It is important that you avoid safes that are made with light steel on the sides because in a lot of cases, it could easily be penetrated with an ax. Weight Consideration Large gun safes have the potential of weighing thousands of pounds. In order to decrease the chances of theft or robbery attempts of removing the safe through a moving dolly, the ideal mass of a safe which is empty should be about 750 pounds. For an added security, most of the best safes are in fact designed to be bolted to the wall or to the floor. Fire Protection Another added feature that some gun safes have is on its ability of resisting fires for a particular period of time. House fires are capable of reaching up to thousands of Fahrenheit’s within several minutes, which can in fact easily melt standard type of safes. Most safes that comes with fire protection features includes an extra layer of sheetrock panels that will help to keep the interior below a certain temperature for 4 – 6 hours. There are a lot of top-rated safes that comes with an extra armor that activates on attempts of drills and cuts and makes it significantly difficult in gaining access to the contents of the safe.

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