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Tips and Suggestions in Buying a Fire Pit Fire pits are now widely recognized as one of the most sought after accessory for your backyard. It is very easy to find a fire pit that suits you due to the fact that a variety of them are already available in the market these days. Talk with your local authorities first and verify with them the features in your area prior to making a decision of buying a fire pit. There may be regulations and operational requirements pertaining to the type of fire feature, dimensions, construction materials, location and certain restriction on what may possibly burn. You have to be aware of these things before you squander your hard earned cash. You can have a simple or an intricate design for a fire pit since you will purchase the one that fits your budget and needs. You can even create a breath taking landscape design or simply recreate a campfire that will remind you of your childhood experiences. Or maybe when the nights get cooler you just want to enjoy using an outdoor area. In the end, nothing can beat the warmth and flickering flames that is provided by the fire, as well as a gathering place that is very inviting and comfortable.
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Two of the main options that you should decide on are whether to permanently build a fire pit or simply buy a portable one and whether to use gas or just burn some wood. You are possibly thinking that it is very easy to choose the size, material, and style of a fire pit, but then, you must take into account the minor issues such as safety, maintenance, and convenience if you want to end up having the best fire pit that matches your needs. To help you achieve this and avoid any problems, you can check the list below that shows the advantages and disadvantages of buying a certain fire pit.
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How to choose the perfect spot for your fire pit and the safety measures that you should consider. When trying to figure out where to place a fire pit, the safety of your surroundings as well as your own should be your number one priority. Make sure that you are completely aware of certain criterions that your local code has. Always keep in mind that fire pits should be placed away from bushes or overhanging trees and other flammable materials, buildings, walls and structures. Leaves, dry grass, pine needles and other organic materials should be kept or cleared 10 feet away from where the fire pit is situated. Regardless if your fire pit is permanent or portable, it should only be placed on fire resistant surfaces.