Getting Down To Basics with Teas

Importance of Tea and Coffee to our Bodies

Tea and coffee are natural substances which are very helpful to the body and the general health of a person. One of my favorites is coffee where I can easily make by buying sachets and mixing with hot water and as easy as that I have my coffee ready. The health experts have shown different ways that the body can benefit from drinking tea and coffee. There are many benefits of drinking tea and coffee and this have been scientifically proven to be very true. Some of the ways include preventing stroke, cancer and heart diseases. There are several benefits of drinking tea. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, and some of them are called the Polyphenols, Catechins, Flavonoids and all them take away the free radicals from the body and block them from harming the healthy body cells that are present. The antioxidants are important in preventing diseases. Antioxidants is also contained in vegetables, wines, meat fruits, and others in addition to drinking tea.

When you drink tea it contains fluoride which is necessary for teeth and also preventing bacteria found in our mouth and giving you fresh breath. The question would be whether all teas are good for the body. It is important to know whether the different types of tea have the same level of antioxidants, whether you should take the instant tea or the loose leaf tea so that you can boost your health benefits. When you drink the white tea you take in more antioxidants than when you take in any other tea and so it is important that you choose the type of tea you drink well.

Green tea has more catechin antioxidants which are helpful to the body, and so you should take it. The unfermented rooibos tea has more polyphenol antioxidants that the fermented rooibos. Drinking fresh tea have more polyphenol antioxidants that can help your body. Other researchers recommend the brewed either cold or hot the caffeinated tea as it has more antioxidants than the instant teas.
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Drinking teas also help your heart. The black tea can lower the bad cholesterol levels according to the studies carried out by the USDA Beltsville human nutrition research center in 2003 and tea consumption can also help heart disease patients.
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Drinking tea is another way of preventing cancer. One of the cancer diseases that you are safe from when you drink tea regularly is the esophageal cancer. Colon cancer is prevented when you drink tea regularly. Tea may protect against cancer which is caused by smoking. The stomach cancer is reduced when you take tea.
The green and oolong types of teas reduce the hypertension risks that can occur to your body. The green tea components also aids in killing the leukemia cells and boosts the body immunity system. Drinking tea every day keeps you healthy, and so you can take the advice seriously and make use of tea.