Car INDONESIAN Driver Behavior Less Civilized Road. Of Remove Cigarette Butts Up Skin durian

Litter seems to have become a culture that is difficult to eradicate in Indonesia. Not only in their own neighborhoods, in public places too. Plural we find litter strewn tourist attractions, public facilities, until in the middle of the highway! This sort of behavior can indeed be called less civilized and unfortunately awareness of the trash is so difficult for some people. Although educated though. Pity.


If we look at the crazy litter, we would understand, right. But what if the ‘haves’ and the educated who did it? Will we understand well?

Trash culture is correlated with the friendliness of the people of Indonesia. Because it is too permissive and not getter any better, nobody wants to remind people that litter.



In Indonesia, the people most preferably not easy. Rarely would reprimand if one is doing less well. Fear was the tenuous relationship, or later in the fear he was angry of course. Though attitudes like that that make the culture of this litter not heal. Even tend to be contagious. Once there were litter, others finally got the legitimacy to do the same. more information you can visit What You Need to Know About Insuring Your Self-Driving Car

Never mind that not educated, who use the car also can’t have consciousness not litter in the street Maybe you’ve come up with events opened the car window and thrown garbage, whether cigarette butts, wrappers rice, or bottled beverages. Okay sure you’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. It feels really want to admonished but hesitate or be afraid. If not reprimanded yes worsen. How pitty, huh?

The impact of this waste dumped in big really. The garbage dumping know finished her problem, but make a new problem that is much larger, namely trash everywhere!


The driver never thinking about the impact of his actions. Imagine if a cigarette butt on a passing motorist. Or garbage piled on the roadside (and be a real trash) yes initially just because no one garbage there. It could be takeout thrown to the roadside so the justification that the place was indeed a dumpster. Ridiculous it if like this?

There is one interesting incident when a car driver suddenly removing the skin of durian that loads into the streets. Crazy, really dangerous for other motorists!


This story is quite long, about 4-5 years ago. There was one family who was driving. Right in front of him, suddenly thrown durian peel loads. Maybe eaten family time. The mother who drove had asked her husband to stop the car were thrown off. He then came out picking up trash durian skin scattered on the road. Men, this is real durian skin.

The mother then stop the car before throwing durian skin. Then he knocked on the car window and then threw the durian skin earlier in the car angrily.

“It Pak is, they missed out on the road!” The mother said firmly.


Then the mother lecturing driver of the car. The husband’s mother until the mother tugged let me stop the anger. Clear the whole car is certainly embarrassed by mom lecture earlier. Valuable lessons they could not forget!

Up here, I hope you-you all, whether you want to ride a motorcycle or car not litter yes. Whatever the form! Also encourage the driver of the vehicle that is tacky. Not in a way that tacky anyway of course. Be careful on the road okay.